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weapons and has adequate technology. so i think japan can contribute to the abolition of the arsenals in terms of its human resources and funds immunization will receive the nobel peace prize at a ceremony on tuesday. i can i say yep thought it would be difficult. like achievements to be publicly recognized because it stars often worked in sea kayaks. a generation ago people used magnetic tapes to store music and other types of day that since then you wear for men such as cds and dvd have taken their place. now engineers in japan on greenfield the technology up to date an hp of our weekend time and that explains. one school of the most sophisticated matter to take the camry call it the same amount of the day as i found to be the keys recently many banks and hospitals have become due a finger stick a mosey and still have ip companies such as google. some cities also use this method addicted to back up to a facilitator. was it that ensues of the prefix to as the sensor data on its one hundred to fourteen thousand citizens on the tips for safe keeping. the city with cruelty to change the
. by combining technology is home detention and chills and controls the dude's president says his firm's energy saving technology along with the us company's global sales network is a ninety lb partnership. japan's banking now boasts the strongest sales in air conditioning systems can be in cash the market. an upgraded to business on the wii with the tech market. it is. it is when sliced present job i was trying to keep the dispute any c a share from getting awards. he held a meeting in tokyo with prime minister seems ill on the way he shared ideas on how to deal with china's newly declared air defense identification zone. i knew it we confirm that japan and the united states will not tolerate china's attempt to unilaterally change the status quo. we also agreed that our countries will continue to work closely together to deal with the matter based on the strong japan us alliance the united states has an interest and lauren lauren intentions this vital region as i believe all the countries in north east asian share that same interest with us. this underscores the need for crisis management mech
in the field of information technology grows the end of the malia is in a historic part of dough the last night that the town of our family tradition est see our friendly than other stuff and it's mass of people circulate concentrate on selling its belt line and mobile and were back in the early seventeenth century town of less than historical buildings and here it is i can get tempo don't always feel like it if you catch the eye. the active steering. the people still taking office he bought with rapid economic growth the number of middle income households is multiplying. i whispered it to double by twenty twenty. for some expansion in the country's talented crafters. actually i t industry. ability is not how well known and there i decide to buy into the store for us to stay well what's on the grace to repent and accept it. you use to do all the colors you use the currency in scientific knowledge his case. it has fifteen schools across india they need is a new job for the season here. the truth is across the world gather to compete with the signature the skills to work with any great. from indi
in fukushima. they say the commission should also make sure nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes such as power generation and rsh. the experts plan to finalize their recommendations next week. >>> mexican nuclear safety officials say they located potentially dangerous radioactive material used for medical purposes. it had been removed from a stolen truck earlier in the week. the material cobalt 60 and the truck were found abandoned outside mexico city on wednesday. two armed men stole the vehicle on monday, not far from where the cargo was found. officials say the radioactive material had been removed from its protective container. authorities sealed off a 500 meter perimeter and sent a team in to recover it. cobalt 60 is used in cancer treatments and other medical applications. the international atomic energy agency has been urging countries to take steps to prevent the material from falling into the wrong hands. >>> japan's latest stimulus plan has been approved. it's supposed to further boost the economy. ron madison has the details on that. >> that is the hope, of co
days. they say it's a proven technology and poses little danger. >>> residents of cities across northeastern japan have seen crews working to rebuild their neighborhoods, even if they complain about the pace of reconstruction. some people who live in smaller communities say they can't get the help they need. so one group of architects has stepped in to change what they see around them. here's nhk world's yuko aotani. >> reporter: shoko fukuya has knead her career as an architect but she doesn't design many buildings these days. instead she walks around northeastern japan talking to locals and doing research. how much of these fishermen's lives have returned to normal? >> translator: production wise, they're catching about half of what they used to, but it varies from one area to another. >> reporter: fukuya teaches architecture in the city of sendai. she was visiting tokyo on march 11th, 2011, when an earthquake hit northeastern japan. within the hour, a tsunami roared ashore and washed away building after building. >> translator: i couldn't imagine what one architect could do,
consequences in the near future. >>> a people tested by politics and history. innovators whose technologies spread around the world. artists who capture imaginations of audiences everywhere. these are the faces of south korea. nhk world updates you on what's happening wednesday and thursday here on "newsline." >>> a commuter train and a truck carrying gasoline collided near the indonesian capital of jakarta. at least four people have been killed. the collision occurred at a crossing in the city. the truck was carrying 24,000 liters of gasoline. it exploded in flames. the railway operator says at least four people have been killed and about 90 others injured. a local tv station quoted witnesses as saying the crossing gate was not lowered on one side of the tracks. >>> hundreds of riders have set fire to police vehicles in singapore after a bus hit and killed a bangladeshi worker. 18 people, including police, were injured. mainly foreign workers rioted on sunday night. the district is populated by indian and bangladeshi workers. police and security forces were deployed to contain the riot. 27
's main uses for a race last time the finance. they say they have high expectations in japanese technology. nearly fifty thousand of india's gdp causes of the service industries such as finance and banking businesses. but manufacturing industry easily accounting for only about fifteen per cent of gdp. i can summon the cabin crew scheme aims to strengthen the mind of jordan the government was tool a letter come on tony dean japanese companies. this fall on the media with its problems with that blasted the coach is over also japan india of reinforcing that the security cooperation. in june to a seventh round. jeff as a moderate dems have defense forces on the indian navy. and that can be a false joint exercises. many ferrero there of i forty and the defense of the show's is continuing. they have weak to continue enjoying my weekend trendy. kenya a zoo ready to become increasingly important thoughts and acts on its military presence. that was as a commentator he told me he said. we'll bring you the latest on and curran and chris's visit to india including special coverage on bilateral relatio
technological research the way ford of britain and china is more openness and done. delivering the true benefits for people hear about it. britain is the ideal off for an opening china. use. he said he aims to strengthen the mitchell political try and make sure the bilateral relations develop in the right direction. relations were strained when cameron held talks in may when he found tibetan spiritual leader the d line them up. readers have seen the economic relationship grows stronger the chinese pontificate in the conception of the nuclear plant in southwestern france health authorities in hong kong have confirmed the first case of human infection of the age seven and nine strain of bird flu in the territory an official with a very unhealthy around and said that researchers have found the virus. in thirty six year old indonesian woman who works at the domestic helper she's been hospitalized in critical condition. officials believe the cause is like a can that she's honored and coke too much traveling in shenzhen in mainland china with the punk on more than two weeks ago. authorities have suspe
up the city commission should also make sure nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes such as power generation and research the experts plan to finalize their recommendations next week. thousands of workers go inside japan's damage nuclear plant every day but the rarely gets a glimpse of what they do. nhk world you it still cuts a while went inside the focal she met dani to class to take a closer look as teams continue the dangerous and complicated job of removing fuel rods from one of the reactor buildings. this is the heart of japan. you people see anymore. we approach these are the guides by bus accompanied by total electorate top company officials. now we approach into the checkpoint said by me smile. this is about the potty km from which the guide to new clip poplar and be on here. access is severely restricted. there were visitors from central center of his website. if phoenix to port eighty one wants to get closer to the dummy reactors is to put on for second key. waters removing spent fuel rods from a pool to be out of the field this unit suffered a meltdown. r
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9